Rachel Clemens


Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The Story

Rachel Clemens (’09) has gotten used to sitting down with executives from global corporations like Microsoft and Pepsi. She’s a practice manager at SAP, a multinational company that creates software that businesses use to optimize their hiring processes.

Clemens works on the "front end" of the software platform. Her design courses at Dordt, along with internships near Dordt and in Chicago, prepared her to design elegant, functional websites.

“When it comes to designing a web page, design and functionality are inseparable,” she says. Clemens designs the “front-end” of websites—the part users see and interact with. “It’s surprising how often I design something I think looks pretty good, but then when we put it into practice, we realize it doesn’t work very well,” she says.

“Along with my degree in art, I was a business major. I’ve never really been interested in creating art for art’s sake. I’ve always been interested in how to communicate something clearly, or make someone’s life easier through good design,” she says.