Pulpit Supply

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For many years, Dordt has served as a resource for churches. Our capable staff and faculty include ordained ministers and licensed preachers who are willing to fill in when your congregation has a need for pulpit supply. It is recommended that each church discuss an appropriate honorarium and mileage with the Dordt faculty or staff member providing pulpit supply.

Below you'll find a list of eligible staff who would be happy to serve in a pulpit supply position. Feel free to contact the church relations office at (712) 722-6020 for more information or assistance in scheduling one of our staff.

If you prefer to contact them individually, their phone numbers and email addresses are listed below.


Rev. Aaron Baart
Dean of Chapel
B.A. Dordt University, formerly known as Dordt College; D.M. Regent College
Home Phone: (712) 722-4042
Work Phone: (712) 722-6079
Email Address: Aaron.Baart@dordt.edu
Ordained in the CRC


Dr. Wayne A. Kobes
Emeritus Professor of Theology
B.A. Dordt University, formerly known as Dordt College; B.D., Th.M. Calvin Theological Seminary; Ph.D. Florida State University
Home Phone: (712) 722-2894
Work Phone: (712) 722-6332
Email Address: Wayne.Kobes@dordt.edu
Ordained in the CRC


Rev. Shirley Folkerts
Associate Adjunct, Business Administration
B.A. Dordt University, formerly known as Dordt College; M.A. Viterbo University; M.Div. Bethel Seminary
Home Phone: (712) 737-3460
Work Phone: (712) 722-6292
Email Address: Shirley.Folkerts@dordt.edu
Ordained in the RCA


Jonathan De Groot
Campus Ministries and Worship Arts Director
B.A. North Central University; M.Div. Bethel Seminary
Home: (605) 359-1411
Work: (712) 722-6071
Email Address: Jonathan.DeGroot@dordt.edu
Ordained in the RCA


Jay Shim
Professor of Theology
Ph.D. Calvin Theological Seminary
Cell: (712) 889-4540
Work: (712) 722-6364
Email Address: Jay.Shim@dordt.edu
Ordained in the CRC


Scott Culpepper
Associate Professor of History
B.A. Louisiana College; M.Div. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A. Northwestern State University; Ph.D. Baylor University
Cell: (318) 541-6703 
Work: (712) 722-6327
Email Address: Scott.Culpepper@dordt.edu
Ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention