Faculty Resources

Dordt College has a wealth of faculty members who can speak, entertain, and answer questions on a variety of topics of interest to church groups, alumni, and interested constituents all over North America. We are happy to serve the greater community in this capacity.

Below you'll find a list of faculty available to speak in their specialized fields. Feel free to contact the alumni and church relations office at (712) 722-6028 or alumni@dordt.edu for more information or assistance in scheduling an appearance by one of our staff.

Dr. Nick breems

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Breems is an expert in variety of computer programming science areas, including programming, systems administration, and computer architecture. His research interest lies in understanding the impact of computer technology on humans and society, and how computer technology can fit in with the development of God's shalom. Dr. Breems has several different topics that he can speak on:

Technology in Worship
Managing "Screen Time"
Being Intentional in our Technology Use

Dr. Ethan Brue

Co-Dean for Natural Sciences/Associate Professor of Engineering

Ethan Brue has been part of the Engineering Department since 2000. Dr. Brue has taught Heat Transfer, History of Science and Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, Intro to Engineering, Solar Energy Engineering, Dynamic Systems, and Material Science. His research interests include biomass gasification and combustion, solar energy engineering, and the history of technology. Dr. Brue is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Iowa.

Dr. Brue has several different topics on which he can speak:

  • Energy Conversion and Conservation: The Bigger Picture
  • The Future of Biofuels and Biobased Products
  • Seeking Sustainability in a World of Boundaries and Limits

Mark Christians

Associate Professor of Psychology

Professor Christians leads a workshop called The Boundaries of Parenthood: Saying "YES" and "NO" in Love

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • understand the biblical themes for parenting.
  • learn how our parenting is impacted by healthy and unhealthy boundaries.
  • learn the basics of setting clear boundaries.
  • see the benefits of communicating clear boundaries.

Dr. Scott Culpepper

Associate Professor of History

Dr. Culpepper specializes in the fields of early modern Europe and the Americas (the Atlantic World) with a particular emphasis on the interaction of politics, religion, and popular culture in human societies. He has also served as a pastor, adult education minister, and youth minister. Some of his particular topics of interest are the European and English Reformations, the history of Puritanism and English Separatism, religion in American culture, the history and culture of the British Isles, and the history of Christianity. He is the author of Francis Johnson and the English Separatist Influence

Dr. Culpepper has several series and sessions developed that he is willing to share, including the following.

Series (can be done as a series or separately as single sessions):

The Story of Christianity:
     Salvation and Sacrifice: The Suffering and Triumph of the Ancient Church
     The Mighty Fortress: Reforming Christendom
     The Surprising Work of God: Christianity in the New World
     The World in this Generation: Christianity in a Global Society

From Reformation to Awakening: How the Reformed Tradition Came to North America
     Calvin Goes European: The Expansion of Calvin's Reformation to England and the Dutch Republic
     Pilgrims and Cities on Hills: The Puritan and English Separatist Influence
     The Surprising Work of God: Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and a Reformed Awakening

Single Sessions 

Martin Luther: A Life and a Reforming Legacy
John Calvin: His Life, Thought, and Legacy
Ulrich Zwingli: The Neglected Tale of Switzerland's First Protestant Reformer
The Rise and Influence of Contemporary Christian Music in America
Why We Need Abraham Kuyper in America: A Dutch Model for Christian Political Discourse in the United States

Dr. Paul Fessler

Professor of History

A historian of ethnicity and immigration, Professor Fessler places today’s hot topics of immigration and bilingual education within a historical context—comparing today’s immigration issues to those of the past 200 years. Possible talks include:

  • Melting Pot or Exploding Kettle? Immigration, Bilingual Education, and American Politics 
  • What's Wrong with Multiculturalism?: A Christian critique

Abby Foreman

Associate Professor of Social Work

Professor Foreman's areas of expertise include social work, social policy and management in non-profit and public organizations. She is passionate about hunger issues and and protecting and nurturing healthy families and kids. Professor Foreman is willing to speak on the following topics: hunger, poverty, advocacy, trust in organizations, community health or development, healthy groups and civility.

Joel Penner 

Head Football Coach

Coach Penner recently co-published the book Coaching the RPO Offense, which provides a step-by-step guide to why and how to implement run/pass option concepts. His areas of expertise include leadership, philosophy and theology of competition, the RPO office and team building. 

Dr. Bruce Vermeer

Associate Professor of Psychology

Vermeer has a B.A. in psychology from Calvin College in Grand Rapids and an M.A. and Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology, Bioala University. He has served as a licensed psychologist at an independent practice in Michigan and has also served as an adjunct in the psychology department at Calvin College. Dr. Vermeer is willing to speak on topics, such as, aging, neurocognitive disorders including Alzheimer's disease, neuropsychological assessment, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.


Mark Volkers

Digital Media Production Coordinator and Instructor of Communication

Volkers spent the past decade as a photojournalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker for the Christian Reformed Church denomination. He’s won several national awards for documentary work and has done numerous ads and promo pieces for corporations, businesses, and non-profits. He also served in Kenya as a missionary for seven years.

Volkers has a DVD curriculum that he has produced that can be part of a six-week or 12-week adult education class. It is titled Cultures and Religions from Around the World.

This curriculum uses award-winning documentary films to explore issues like the persecuted church in China, Islam and Christianity in Mali, Voodooism and Syncretism in Haiti, the dusty trails of tradition in Nigeria, Catholicism in Mexico, and more.

Volkers is also willing to speak on the following topics:

  • Mass Media Effects on Culture
  • Film History
  • Christian Response to Media

Dale Zevenbergen

Instructor of Business and Executive Director of Enrollment

Professor Zevenbergen teaches Marketing and Operations Management. Dale has 18 years of experience in accounting, cost management, manufacturing, sales, and distribution management, primarily at Pella Corporation. Professor Zevenbergen's presentation is titled Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement. He will draw heavily on principles learned and cases from his work in management at one of the top 100 companies to work for in America.