Researching a Company

To be fully prepared for an interview, research the company thoroughly. What are some ways that you can find out everything you can about the organization? Here are some ideas:

Check out the company website

Always check the company's website for information on company culture, recent news, and other positions available.

Review the job description

Be sure to review the job description for the position for which you're interviewing prior to the day of the interview. That way, you'll know what the employer is looking for in a candidate and will be able to easily identify why you're a good fit for the position.

Do some networking

Talk to people you know who work for the company. Ask them about the company culture, what they enjoy most about working for the company, and more.

Log on to LinkedIn

Use your online social network to get information about the company through their company page, personal LinkedIn pages, and articles. LinkedIn is a great way to get the most recent information about an organization.

Go to GlassDoor

Check out GlassDoor, which provides robust job, industry, and internship search options as well as company reviews. You'll find interview Q & A, salary and benefits data, and career articles on this helpful site.

Visit companies and the surrounding area

An employer is always impressed if you take the extra time to see where they are located. Exploring the surrounding area and see which other companies are there. Also, this will save you time on the day of your interview as you'll be 100 percent sure of where the company is located.

Beef up on business journals / newspapers

Read current publications and check the archives of these publications for information about the company.