Getting a job means getting to know other people. To succeed at networking, you must know how to make contacts and build relationships with people who can help you reach your job objective.

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How to Succeed at Networking

  • Look for a job that is a great fit for you rather than trying to fit yourself into an available position.
  • Remember that the purpose of networking is to build genuine relationships and to give more than you receive.
  • Target your job search toward specific positions, organizations, and individuals.
  • Conduct informational interviews to learn more about a particular company or industry. When you ask for information, advice, and referrals, few people will turn you down. Most people you ask will be flattered and eager to assist you.
  • Always send a thank-you letter to those who take time to talk with you. Thoughtful people tend to be remembered.

Use the following resources to make new contacts in your career area:

  • People you know in your field or area of interest
  • Contacts made through LinkedIn
  • Professional organizations, associations, or unions
  • Community service organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, or Rotary
  • Department chairpersons in your field at colleges and universities
  • Professional or trade magazines
  • Newspaper articles