Katie Schaap

A Foundation You Can Count On

Growing up in Sioux Falls, Katie knew about Dordt long before deciding it was the right place for her. Katie sensed a wonderful culture on campus while her high school visited Dordt on choir and band trips. "I felt like I was cared about... everyone was interested in who I was as a person; they see you as more than just the department you're going in."

As a nursing student, Katie spends time at both Dordt and St. Luke's College. The Christian foundation Dordt provides allows Katie to excel in applying her faith in her work at St. Luke’s.

"The professors really know what you can handle and they challenge you appropriately here." With Dordt's notably high NCLEX passing rate, Katie believes the program gives nurses excellent preparation. "I feel confident that I'll have a great future graduating from Dordt—I'll be prepared, confident, and ready to find a career and bring a Christian approach wherever I work."

The friendships nursing students have with each other also enhanced Katie's experience: "Everyone is so supportive and helpful,” she said. “We're eager to answer each other’s questions." These friendships, as well as the plethora of on-campus activities and clubs, have helped her realize how much she has changed here. "It's amazing how much is possible in this kind of setting and environment. Dordt encourages you to grow and think as well as develop solid spiritual beliefs."

Being involved in nursing club, band, Women of Promise, and PLIA (Putting Love Into Action), Katie discovered just how big a focus God is in everything at Dordt. "Dordt is an exciting place to challenge yourself and really make your faith your own."