Travel Reimbursement

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Are you a high school student visiting Dordt? If you do a full campus visit—including a campus tour and a visit with a professor—we will be happy to reimburse you.

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These policies are subject to change, please contact admissions at Dordt for more information.

HOw will i be reimbursed?


Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are not allowing students to stay overnight in the dorms. Dordt is willing to help cover $50 of your hotel stay if you need to stay overnight for your visit.


If you are flying, Dordt will reimburse $300 of the student's plane ticket. We recognize multiple people may fly in for visit, so the $300 should help cover some of the cost of your support individuals' ticket(s) as well!

Rental cars

Dordt will not be providing transportation from the airport to campus. Therefore, we will help cover $25 of your rental car.

Driving (miles)

If you drive to campus from over 200 miles, Dordt will reimburse $.05 per mile round-trip up to $200 total.

For more information, please email Ruth Hofland or call at 712-722-6093.