Military Personnel Enrollment

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Standard Operating Procedure

University uses a semester-based academic calendar. 

Students may be admitted for:

  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Summer School 

Students are admitted on a rolling basis.

  • The prospective student must have a completed application file.
  • The prospective student will receive an acceptance letter.
  • The prospective student must submit an enrollment deposit.
  • The prospective student will not be assigned to classes without completing this process.

Dordt University recruits students in the following ways: 

  • Dordt advertises in various channels of print, radio, television, and social media.
  • Dordt University provides comprehensive information for prospective students on its website, with a separate link to specific enrollment information for military personnel from its home page.

Prospective students may inquire in the following ways:

  1. Speaking with Dordt University personnel at off-campus recruiting events.
  • Dordt personnel may provide information about academic programs and co-curricular offerings.
  • Dordt personnel may provide information regarding application and enrollment timelines.
  • Dordt personnel may respond to queries.
  • Dordt personnel may provide printed materials.
  • Dordt personnel may not provide significant incentives to military personnel to initiate the enrollment process. 
    • Pens and pencils, and brochures provided free of charge are acceptable. Unit cost may not exceed $2.00
    • Gift cards, clothing, and other incentives greater than a unit cost of $2.00 may not be provided. 
  1. Calling the Admissions Office for information. 
  • The caller may provide contact information.
  • The caller may speak with an admissions counselor. Admissions counselors are generally assigned to inquirers via geographic territory assignments. The university may assign a caller to an admissions counselor with a specific military personnel assignment.

Completing an online form requesting information.

  • The inquirer will be assigned to an admissions counselor.
  • The inquirer will be sent information.
  • The inquirer will receive follow-up contact from their counselor via phone, text, or e-mail.

Completing an online application for admission. 

  • The applicant will be assigned to an admissions counselor.
  • The applicant will be sent information in response to their request.
  • The inquirer will receive follow-up contact from their counselor via phone, text, or e-mail. 

An applicant must complete the following steps prior to an admissions decision being made:

  1. Submit a complete application form.
  2. Submit transcripts of previous academic work at other institutions. 
  3. An admissions officer will make an admissions decision once a file has been completed. 
  4. The applicant will be notified of the decision.
  5. The successful applicant will be required to submit an enrollment deposit. 
  6. The applicant who submits their enrollment deposit may receive a gift box with items [e.g. hat, pennant, balloons] with a value not to exceed $25.00.
  7. The successful applicant will be assigned to classes. 

Dordt University’s admissions officers:

  • Are not compensated based on the number of students recruited, nor on any commission basis.
  • May encourage enrollment by an applicant but may not demand enrollment.
    • They may present suggested timelines for enrollment, e.g. semester start dates, housing request dates.
    • They may require the payment of a deposit prior to enrollment, for the purpose of receiving a housing assignment or class assignment.
  • Will inform military applicants of the necessity to contact their ESO, military counselor, or Service prior to enrollment.


Prospective students seeking to receive military benefits for their education must receive approval from their ESO, military counselor, or Service representative prior to enrollment. 

Admissions & Financial Aid Timeline:

Anytime: Application for Admission
October 1: FAFSA and Supplemental Data Form available
December 1: Priority deadline for donor-funded scholarships
December 1 or following completion of FAFSA information: Military personnel to inform financial aid office of eligibility for military education benefits
April 1: Financial aid application process should be completed for Fall semester
January-May: Notification of financial aid award packages for new students
June-July: Academic pre-registration process
June: Notification of room assignments and final informational mailing
August 26: Week of Welcome begins

* If applicant seeks admission to Spring Semester, the calendar shifts forward by four months. 

Military personnel may apply for Financial Aid with this process: 

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form may be submitted after the October 1 for enrollment in the Fall semester of the following year. Students who wish to apply online should go to Remember after applying online you must sign the form either by submitting a hard-copy signature or signing the form electronically.

Please complete the Dordt Supplemental Data Form and, if you are interested in working on campus and meet the eligibility requirements, please complete the Student Employment Application Form. The priority deadline is June 1.

The Dordt University Federal ID is #001859.

Once the Office of Financial Aid has received a completed application, an award will be made. 

The Office of Financial Aid will assist military personnel with their applications for aid from Department of Defense resources. 

Contact information for Office of Financial Aid:

Office of Financial Aid
700 7th Street NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250
Phone: 712-722-6082, 800-343-6738

Net Price Calculator

Enrollment Costs for 2021-2022:

  • Tuition & Fees: $33,590
  • Room & Board: $10,780
  • Total Cost: $44,370
  • Average Financial Aid Award for Freshmen: $26,600
  • Full time (12 to 18.5 credit hours per semester): $16.505/semester
  • Overload fees (more than 18.5 credit hours per semester): $510/credit hour
  • Part time (8 to 12 credit hours per semester): $1,380/credit hour
  • Part time (1 to 8 credit hours per semester): $1,380/credit hour**

**students taking 8 credits or less are eligible for a grant (40% of cost with a net cost of 60% or $830 per credit hour)


  • Audit, transcribed (up to 11 credit hours): $255/credit hour
  • Visiting, not transcribed (up to 11 credit hours): $50/credit hour
  • 2022 summer course: $360/credit hour
  • Masters of Education (starting summer 2021 term): $375/credit hour
  • Masters of Public Administration (starting summer 2021 term): $520/credit hour
  • Masters of Social Work (starting summer 2021 term): $730/credit hour
  • Room & Board
  • Residence hall rooms (including a full 21 meal plan): $5,390*/semester
  • Apartment-style residence (including apartment 5 meal plan): $4,300/semester

* A reduced 15 meal plan is available that reduces the room and board charge by $140 per semester.

Activity Fee

This fee is charged to all full-time students. The fee entitles students to the following: technology, admittance to various campus activities, a copy of the annual yearbook, parking privileges, student health service, and usage of the Recreation Center. For a complete listing of items included and excluded from this fee, see the finances section of the Dordt University catalog.

Music Lessons

Music majors who have successfully completed 54 university academic credits, passed Music 203, and music minors who have completed four semesters of lessons will pay half the regular fees for individual lessons. Half fees do not apply to group lessons or piano proficiency lessons.

  • Individual Lessons: $420/semester
  • Group Lessons: $210/semester

Students may purchase books directly from the Campus Store using personal funds. The cost of books ranges from $600-$1,140 per semester. For your convenience, the Campus Store will accept cash, checks (U.S. or Canadian), money orders, Visa, or MasterCard credit cards. The Campus Store does not extend credit, and the costs of books may not be added to a student’s tuition account.

Conditional Fees

Service charge on returned US checks: $30
Service charge on returned Canadian checks: $40

Other financial information

The current cohort default rate for federal student loans for fiscal year 2018 is 2.3% for Dordt University. This data was received in February 2021.

The national cohort default rate for fiscal year 2017 for student loans is 9.7%

Dordt University reviews the national cohort default annually on July 1 and publishes its rate and the national rate on this web page.

Dordt University’s basic tuition refund policy is as follows:

Withdrawal/Dismissal Policy

If a student completely terminates enrollment (i.e., cancels his/her registration, withdraws, or is dismissed) during the semester, the student’s refundable charges and financial aid will be prorated if the student has been enrolled for 60 percent of the semester or less. If a student has been enrolled for more than 60 percent of the semester, the student is not eligible for a reduction in charges. The following costs are refundable by the terms of this policy: tuition, room, board, and student activity fee. Credits provided for the Defender Dollar program and all other charges are nonrefundable. The withdrawal date is the later of (1) the date the student begins the withdrawal process by providing official notification (oral or written) of the intent to withdraw; or (2) the student’s last date of attendance at an academically related activity. A student who wishes to withdraw must contact the Office of Student Services to initiate and complete the appropriate paperwork. In the case of a withdrawal, the class will be listed as a “W” on the student’s Dordt University transcript. The percentage of the semester completed is calculated by dividing the number of days enrolled by the number of calendar days in the semester, including weekends and holidays, but excluding breaks of five or more consecutive days. For example, if there are 107 calendar days in a semester and a student’s withdrawal date is on the 50th day, the student’s refundable charges and financial aid will be prorated to reflect enrollment for 46.7 percent of the semester (50 days divided by 107 days). This withdrawal/dismissal policy is based upon federal guidelines.

Recipients of Federal Title IV Financial Aid

If the withdrawing student is a recipient of Federal Title IV financial aid, the amount of Title IV assistance the student earned must e compared with the amount disbursed. The amount of Title IV assistance earned is calculated as follows: Percentage of Title IV financial aid earned (percentage of semester completed) multiplied by the amount of Title IV aid disbursed (or that could have been disbursed) as of the withdrawal date equals amount of Title IV funds earned. If the withdrawing student received less Title IV financial aid than the amount earned, the university will make a post-withdrawal disbursement as specified by the Department of Education. If the withdrawing student received less Title IV financial aid than the amount earned, the university will make a post-withdrawal disbursement as specified by the Department of Education. If the withdrawing student received more Title IV financial aid tha the amount earned, the university, or the student, or both, must return the unearned funds, as required, in the following order: Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, PLUS Loan, Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, and LEAP funds. If the student is required to return federal grant funds, the student will have 45 days from the date of notification to pay the amount in full or to make satisfactory arrangements for repayment with the university or the Department of Education. Failure to repay or make arrangements within this time will result in a loss of eligibility for all federal aid for attendance at any college until amount is paid in full. When a student withdraws, a copy of worksheets, showing details of the required treatment of Title IV funds, and examples of the application of withdrawal refund/repayment policy are available upon request.

Military Withdrawal and Reinstatement

Military Service Students called to active duty in the armed forces of the United States will be allowed to withdraw from Dordt University without penalty upon presenting an official copy of their military orders to the Registrar. This must be done at the time a student is required to stop attending classes. This policy also applies to spouses of soldiers called to active duty. Dordt University will refund 100% of tuition for the term that the student departs. This refund will be sent to the student or can be applied to a future term. For students who have room and/or board contracts in force, the cost of room and/or board will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis. Students who withdraw before midterm will receive normal withdrawal notations (e.g., W, Withdrew grades) on the transcript. After midterm, students may, with permission of the appropriate instructor, exercise one of two additional options: 1) receive final grades earned as of the date of withdrawal if work of sufficient quantity and quality has been completed to warrant a passing grad for the term; or 2) receive and Incomplete grad for one or more courses. Students who exercise one of these two additional options are subject to all other faculty policies regarding those grades and will not receive a tuition refund for those courses in which a final grad or Incomplete is assigned. Students whose absence from the University results from being called to active duty for more than 30 days will be reinstated at the University with their same academic status if: 1) they provide notice of such service, and other documentation required by law, to the Registrar; 2) within three years of their completion of service (or within two years after any period necessary to recover from an injury incurred or aggravated during such service) they notify the Registrar in writing of their intent to return; and 3) the cumulative length of all absences from the University for service in the armed forces of the United States does not exceed five years.

Academic Advising

Each Dordt University is assigned an academic advisor. In most instances, the academic advisor is a full-time faculty member in the student’s major. This advisor will have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum and the requirements for completion of the degree on a timely basis. In addition, the Dordt University Registrar and the Assistant Registrar can provide additional academic advising should the student require additional assistance.

Disability Advising 

Advising for students with disabilities is available in the Academic Enrichment Center. 

Career Advising

Career advising and placement assistance is available from the Career Development Center.