Concurrent Credit vs AP and PSEO

  • Concurrent credit courses provide actual college credit for completion of a course taught in high school. Concurrent credit students in the Dordt College program earn Dordt College credits as if they had taken the course or courses on the Dordt College campus.  
  • AP courses prepare students to take a national test. The test score will determine whether a student is eligible to substitute an AP course for a college course.  Colleges set different minimum scores for accepting AP credits.  
  • Honors courses give students a taste of higher education expectations, but they do not count for college credit.
  • Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO, sometimes called early entry courses) provide high school students the opportunity to take courses on a college campus for college credit.  

Some high schools partnering with Dordt to offer concurrent credit courses provide students a choice:  AP credit or Dordt College concurrent credit for the same course.  

High school instructors teaching Dordt’s concurrent credit courses must have, at minimum, a master’s degree and professional experience in their content area, which is the same minimum academic requirement for faculty and part-time instructors at Dordt College.

Additionally, a Dordt professor from the corresponding field works with the high school teacher and visits the class when possible.


Contact Information

Parents and students interested in Dordt’s concurrent credit program should contact their high school guidance counselor for information on their school’s offerings.

For information about Dordt College’s Concurrent Credit Program, contact any of the following: