Concurrent Credit Program

High school students can earn high school and college credit in a single course with the Dordt College Concurrent Credit Program.

Dordt College offers concurrent credit courses through Christian high schools in several states. Courses include:

  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Biology
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Literature

Each course is taught by a qualified high school teacher using Dordt’s curriculum. High school teachers receive mentoring from Dordt College faculty to ensure that students receive the best experience possible.

Because the courses are actual Dordt College courses (the same course title, number, curriculum, and learning outcomes as courses taught at Dordt), when these students begin at Dordt College, the courses will be considered completed. Students choosing to attend another college will have these courses on a Dordt transcript, which enables easy transfer credit.  

Advantages of Concurrent Credit through Dordt College

Dordt College provides a thoroughly biblical perspective aligned with the creation, fall, redemption, consummation focus of Christian K-12 schools.

Few other programs offer the combination of high academic quality, thoroughly integrated Christian perspectives, and guaranteed credit at Dordt College.

Contact Information

Parents and students interested in Dordt’s concurrent credit program should contact their high school guidance counselor for information on their school’s offerings.

For information about Dordt College’s Concurrent Credit Program, contact any of the following: