Transfer Students

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We are so glad you are considering a transfer to Dordt! We would love to welcome you to Defender Nation. Students who have attended another accredited institution of collegiate rank may be considered for admission with advanced standing. College credits presented by transfer students will be evaluated in terms of the quality of the student's work and the relationship of the subject matter to Dordt's curriculum.

A minimum grade of C is required in each course to receive credit. A maximum of 61 semester hours of academic credit is granted to graduates of community colleges. After the application materials have been evaluated, students will receive notification of credits accepted, student classification, and academic status.

  1. Complete the application for admission.
Statement of Faith

As part of the application, students are required to agree to the following statement of faith:

Dordt University confesses that the Bible is the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God. Scripture and creation reveal a sovereign God. All things are under his control and find their goal and purpose in his glory. The creation is his kingdom. God created us in his image and gave us the task of cultivating creation, to develop its potential and take good care of it. Man’s disobedience corrupted all creation, creating division and strife, misery, and death. But God, with his word of grace, reclaimed his world through the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Even though the effects of the fall will continue until he returns, Christ has rescued the creation from the curse of sin, and he reigns as king over all. He summons those he has redeemed to work for his kingdom everywhere. Dordt University cultivates an environment that promotes spiritual development and the welfare of its students. Dordt University welcomes men and women who are committed to biblical Christian principles. The faculty and students at Dordt University make up a Christian community seeking to speak the truth in love as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Christ calls both faculty and students to encourage one another to lives of faithful obedience to him. It is expected that students will strive to obey the Lord’s teaching in every area of their lives, on and off campus. Students who do not share this Christian commitment may not be in a position to appreciate Dordt’s educational experience. Students who come to Dordt should be fully prepared to abide by Christian standards and the policies of the college as expressed in the student handbook and catalog.

  1. Have an official high school transcript of grades 9-12 sent to Dordt University. See the Transcript Request Form.
  2. Have an official academic transcript from each college you have attended sent to Dordt University.

    To have an official transcript sent to Dordt University, contact the registrar's office of any colleges you have attended and request that they mail a transcript to Dordt. Transcripts are not considered official if they are sent by the student.

    The mailing address is:
    Dordt University Admissions
    700 7th Street NE
    Sioux Center, IA 51250

  3. Have your ACT/SAT/CLT score reports sent to Dordt University.
    • Dordt University's ACT College code is 1301. To request that your score report be sent to Dordt University, visit the ACT Report Request page.
    • Dordt University's College Board (SAT) code is 6171. To request that your score report be sent to Dordt University, visit the SAT Report Request page.

  4. Financial aid forms to be filed after October 1:
U.S. Students

File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before April 1. This form may be obtained from any college financial aid office, or you can request a FAFSA form from Dordt University.

Submit the Dordt University Supplemental Data Form (SDF). You can complete it online or request an SDF from Dordt University.

Canadian Students

File a Canadian Financial Aid Form. You can download a form here.

The Dordt University Title IV code is #001859.

Be sure to double-check the Admissions/Financial Aid timeline to make sure everything is done on time.

Note: Students transferring from a community college or another college may be eligible for a Dordt University Academic Scholarship. See the Financial Aid Office's scholarship listings for more information.