Admissions Requirements

Dordt seeks applicants who want to attend a Christian college and who have demonstrated the desire to learn. All students exhibiting these characteristics will be considered for admission. Previous academic experience is a large, but not the only, factor in evaluating applications.

The executive director of admissions determines admission for all freshman students after the following items have been received:

  1. A completed Dordt application for admission
  2. A final high school transcript
  3. ACT or SAT test results

Regular Admission Applicants are normally granted regular admission status if their academic record demonstrates the following:

  1. A minimum of 17 units of high school credit. A subject pursued for one school year of 36 weeks with five class periods per week is considered one unit. At least 10 units must be from the subjects listed under the “recommended high school program” below.
  2. A college-preparatory course of study with a minimum of three years of English, a minimum of two years of mathematics (algebra and/or geometry), and two years of a foreign language with grades no lower than a C in the second year. International and English as a Second Language (ESL) students meet this requirement if they receive a passing score on the Entrance Interview.
  3. A cumulative high school GPA of 2.25
  4. 4. ACT or SAT I or CLT test score as follows:

    English – 18
    Math – 18
    Composite – 19

    SAT I: Three-Part Test
    Critical Reading – 460
    Math – 460
    Writing – 460
    Composite – 1330

    SAT I: Two-Part Test
    Reading/Writing – 480
    Math – 480
    Composite – 990

    Verbal Reasoning + Grammar/Writing - 45
    Quantitative Reasoning - 16
    Composite – 64

Admission with Special Provision Applicants with incomplete admissions records or applicants with high school records or test scores that do not meet all regular admission standards may be granted admission with special provision.

All students admitted who have not had at least two years of high school foreign language will be required to study foreign language at the 100-level at Dordt. Students admitted who do not meet the specified score on the ACT or SAT I or CLT test will be required to take additional preparatory courses either during the summer prior to the freshman year or during freshman year.

Students who are admitted with a high school GPA below 2.25 or a composite ACT score below 19 (SAT I combined score below 1330/CLT combined score below 64) may be admitted to Dordt through the Aspire Program.

Applicants being considered for admission with a composite ACT score below 17 (SAT I combined score below 1215/CLT combined score below 45) or low English ACT or SAT scores may be required to write an essay for the Provisional Admissions Committee.

Other background deficiencies, not specifically listed here, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.