Manufacturing Technology

Experts in advanced manufacturing and automated manufacturing technology are highly sought after around the nation in a diverse range of industries.

Manufacturing career opportunities include advanced manufacturing & robotics, CNC automation & programming, maintenance & engineering support, production, logistics & supply chain management, and much more.

Dordt's Manufacturing Technology program trains you to manage production, perform quality control, maintain machinery, oversee operations, handle workflow and assembly, as well as engage in more advanced manufacturing tasks.

Manufacturing Technology at dordt

Be challenged. Be changed.


Course Load:

Pro-Tech courses blend hands-on learning in advanced manufacturing with a strong biblical foundation and workplace skills that will make you a better communicator, collaborator, and management lead.

Your course load also includes a paid internship every semester so that you can gain valuable work experience and find the manufacturing career path that matches your interests and gifts. Details on course and semester credits appear in the two-year plan.

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Student Stories


Tea, South Dakota

Pro-Tech Experience

What I like about Pro-Tech is the number of people that share the same vision of building the next generation of blue collar leaders. The new Agriculture Stewardship Center is physical proof of this! The local businesses have invested so much into the program and into Dordt. My favorite part is the community that Pro-Tech has already built.

Tim Floen, our manufacturing professor, cares a lot. He wants to see you succeed. I think that because Dordt has a low ratio of faculty to students, it is far more difficult to get through school without having someone who believes in you.

My favorite part of my internship has been interacting with supervisors, operators, and vendors. The relationships and culture have really made a difference for me. The work matters, but the people matter more.

Dordt is very good at providing opportunities to become engaged with other students and faculty. We're three-for-three with student engagement. This is a two-way street, faculty can try to engage, but if we as students refuse to respond, engagement isn't present. As students, we have a responsibility to future generations to continue to engage with one another and be excellent examples of Christ.

One of the co-curricular activities I participate in is the Trap Shooting Club—even though my best score is below 15/25 and my worst is below 5/25. I also participate in Chorale, which has been a blessing to practice with and a way to challenge my voice. I would recommend finding co-curriculars to participate in as these help build community and help give a person healthy outlets for the stresses and anxiety that come along with hard classes and busy schedules.


North Haledon, New Jersey

Internship Experience

“Attending Dordt has been a great experience so far, but what I like the most is the uniqueness of this college. To me, there is no other school like Dordt that could have provided as much as it already has for me,” says Cole Boonstra, a freshman studying manufacturing technology.

Cole interns at Demco, a local agriculture equipment manufacturer. Cole has learned about fabrication in manufacturing, assembly, quality control, machining, MIG welding, and running and diagnosing a robotic welder. “I look forward to continuing my internship at Demco and learning more as well,” says Cole.

Cole appreciates the balance between his classes and internship. “My favorite part about the Pro-Tech program is getting the opportunity to go to class and learn from a teaching standpoint, and as well learning through the hands-on standpoint that the majority of the classes have,” says Cole. “On top of this are the internships given out, that we get to go out into the working world as well as going to school at the same time.”

A male student works with machinery.

Bryce Hiemstra

Pro-Tech: Manufacturing Technology Major


Manteca, California


“Two years ago, I was a senior in high school with no clue about what I wanted to do with my life. I was an average student who really disliked school but loved to work,” says Bryce Hiemstra.

Bryce is now in his second year of studying manufacturing technology through Dordt’s Pro-Tech program.

“I didn’t plan to go to a college, but then they started talking about this Pro-Tech program. I heard about internships and hands-on training and classes and I knew I had to check Dordt out,” says Bryce.

The manufacturing technology program has already helped him to learn many new skills. 

“Back in high school, I never would have thought that I’d be operating robotic welders,” he says. “My co-workers are helpful and I’m learning quickly.”

Bryce has experienced incredible growth as he’s gone through the Pro-Tech program.

“Over the course of the program so far, I’ve seen myself grow in ways I never would have realized,” he says. “It’s a truly unique program that combines our faith into every aspect. This program has turned me into a student who loves school. Pro-Tech has been a tremendous blessing in my life and it’s doing a great job preparing me to serve God’s kingdom however it may be.”

Bryce also has made great friends while living on Dordt’s campus. “My favorite part about living on campus is the friendships I’ve made,” he says. “I’ve made so many new friends since first semester, and I love being able to hang out with them and develop long-lasting relationships with them.” 

Bryce has also met people in the community that make him feel more at home in Sioux Center. “It’s amazing to be invited over to people’s homes on Sundays for some home-cooked meals,” he says. “It’s also great to meet people of the same faith and to grow in faith with them as you go through college.”

Watch this short video to learn more about Bryce's internship experience at Demco.