Farm Operations and Management

Agriculture serves a critical need for our country. With technology advancements, it's a job market that promises to change in the coming years.

Career opportunities

Include livestock breeding and management (swine, beef, dairy, poultry), facility and equipment maintenance, agriculture sales, crop protection, precision agriculture, pesticide and fertilizer application, feedmill operation, soil sampling and crop scouting, operations and team leadership, and much more!.

Pro-Tech will teach you to manage crops and resources responsibly, oversee operations, buy, sell, protect and scout crops, and adhere to national standards in livestock handling and breeding.

Course load

Pro-Tech courses blend hands-on learning with a strong biblical foundation and workplace skills that will make you a better communicator, collaborator, and management lead.

Your course load also includes an paid internship in every semester so that you can gain valuable work experience and find the agriculture operations career path that matches your interests and gifts. Details on course and semester credits appear in the two-year plan.

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Student Stories

Tom Colarossi

Tom Colarossi
Pro-Tech Instructor of Farm Operations & Management

SB 1622
(712) 722-6244


Wheatfield, Indiana


“What drew me to this program were the hands-on opportunities and less classroom time,” says Renae. A first year student studying farm operations, Renae came from Wheatfield, Indiana to be part of Dordt’s Pro-Tech program. She interns at a local ag facility, where she says that “every day is a new adventure, and it’s exciting to be part of it.”

Renae thinks that her internship has been one of the most valuable experiences of her time at Dordt. “Your internship really lets employers know who you are,” she says. “You can do really well in classes, but because internships are such a big deal, you need to work really hard to show your employer that you can do the work and don’t need help every step of the way.”


Longmont, Colorado


Ivan is studying farm operations and management in Dordt’s Pro-Tech program. Ivan grew up on a farm in Longmont, Colorado, so interning at a local dairy is familiar territory for him.

“My favorite part about Pro-Tech is that I get to see new ideas and can bring them back home and discuss them with my parents,” says Ivan. “I love being able to brainstorm business ideas about agriculture.”

Through his internship at Summit Dairy, Ivan has explored many facets of the dairy business. He’s only in his first year in the Pro-Tech program, but he’s already learned a lot.

“My boss has allowed me to talk with the veterinarian, banker, seed representative, nutritionist, and herd genetics representative,” says Ivan. “On any given day, I could be doing anything from cleaning water troughs or milking to sorting and vaccinating cows.”

By living on Dordt’s campus, Ivan has had the chance to get involved and meet new friends. “Living on campus means I can always be around people, have easy access to Bible study groups, Praise and Worship, study groups, and the gym,” he says. “It’s also a lot of fun to be involved in the pranks that go on in the dorms, participate in intramural sports, and my favorite part: watch the Defenders tear it up on the fields and out on the court.”

Ivan says that his faith has also grown while he’s been on Dordt’s campus. “The largest part of my spiritual growth at Dordt has been because of the Bible studies,” he says. “There have been more than a few times when someone has shown me something in the Bible that I didn't see before, or been able to pray for me when I really needed it.”

Watch this news spot to learn more about Ivan's internship experience.