Pre-professional programs

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Dordt University offers 12 pre-professional programs, which prepare students to enter master's, doctoral, or professional programs upon graduation.


If you're drawn to the design of buildings and landscapes, architecture may be a career path you should consider. Dordt's pre-architecture program encourages students to consider how their work may serve both God and his creation by designing buildings and landscapes that reflect responsible use of resources.


Dordt University prepares pre-chiropractic students to enter the field and work with sports teams, on a hospital staff, or as researchers, educators, speakers, or administrators.


A career in dentistry involves more than filling cavities and pulling teeth. Dentists detect diseases, diagnose problems affecting teeth and mouth tissue, improve a patient's appearance, surgically restore tooth and gum health, and help prevent future problems.


The comprehensive training you'll get at Dordt University can pave your way to medical school. At Dordt, you will get the personal assistance you need and work closely with faculty as you develop expertise in your field.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists use everyday activities to help people with disabilities resulting from physical injury, disease, developmental delays, aging, and psychological dysfunctions achieve independence. 


Doctors of Optometry examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the eyes and the entire visual system. Dordt University prepares students to go out into the world and serve others in this field. 


Dordt University pre-pharmacy students are well-prepared for the academic rigor of graduate school and ready to take on the challenges and joys of the profession.

Pre-Physical Therapy

At Dordt, we've set up our pre-physical therapy program after carefully researching the requirements of 20 leading physical therapy schools. We'll prepare you well for the challenges of the profession and help you see the satisfaction that comes with serving people.

Pre-Physician Assistant

The physician assistant (PA) profession is one of the fastest growing fields in the country, according to Money Magazine.The steadily growing enrollment in Dordt's pre-physician assistant track backs up that claim.


The American Bar Association (ABA) recommends that students considering a law degree '"seek courses and other experiences that will engage them in critical thinking about important issues...and that will give them experience in structuring and evaluating arguments." At Dordt University, we offer classes that develop this skill across the disciplines.


At Dordt University, you will be prepared for seminary by professors who are experts in biblical studies, who have a deep-seated understanding of the theological issues of the past and of today, and who love the church of Jesus Christ and have a passion for the church's ministries.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

If you're interested in veterinary medicine, Dordt University is a great place to combine hands-on experience with excellent classroom instruction from a thoughtful Christian perspective that values protecting the health and welfare of people and animals.

Good professional and graduate schools are not interested simply in a student's academic success. They want students who have strong academic skills, but also have experience addressing social problems, understand how to establish good relationships, and are involved in their communities.

These characteristics are best developed at a college like Dordt, which offers a strong core curriculum. Core courses and the comprehensive Christian perspective from which they and all Dordt University courses are taught will give you a solid knowledge base for pre-professional and pre-graduate study.