Hands-on Opportunities

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Dordt's Agriculture Stewardship Center is an operational farm, raising cattle, hogs, calves, and sheep for agriculture education. You'll administer shots and medications; dock tails; worm, dehorn, and castrate livestock; and help with other aspects of animal care. Class projects include dissecting reproductive tracts and digestive systems of poultry, sheep, and cattle.

You'll get valuable experience through internships with local veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, animal health businesses, and highly specialized biotechnology companies. Experiences such as these have helped our graduates gain acceptance into schools of veterinary medicine. Students have had internships with local veterinarians specializing in both pet and large animal areas, as well as internships with biotechnology and veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing companies like Trans Ova Genetics, Hematech, Sioux Biochemical, and Boerhinger-Ingelheim.

The Pre-Vet Club will help you network with each other and with a practicing veterinarian. Its advisor, Dr. Fred Sick, has been president of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association and given leadership on legislative committees. You'll have opportunities to shadow veterinarians and ask questions.

You'll find opportunities to ride along with a local veterinarian or do an individual study at an internationally known embryo transfer center. Guest speakers and pharmaceutical representatives visit classes to share their professional expertise.