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StudyingHow do you prepare for church ministry?

Different seminaries have different requirements. At Dordt, we encourage students who plan to go to seminary to take courses in a wide range of areas: historyEnglish, philosophy, psychology, the sciences, education, and, of course, theology. Theology courses help you gain an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, a clear sense of how the church over the centuries has come to understand and live out its faith in the Lord, familiarity with the practical issues facing the church and those in its leadership roles, and an understanding of the pressing theological issues of the past and today.

As a pre-seminary student at Dordt, you will be assigned an advisor who will help you develop a program that meets the specific requirements of the theological seminary you hope to attend. Each seminary has its own requirements for admission. Your professors will work with you to shape a program that meets the needed requirements, ensuring that you have a solid foundation in biblical studies as well as in New Testament Greek.

Dr. Henry De Moor, vice-president of academic affairs at Calvin Theological Seminary, notes that students from Dordt tend to have strong backgrounds in theology and philosophy. Some of Calvin Seminary's best scholarship awards have been presented to Dordt graduates. Other theological seminaries that visit Dordt each year looking for candidates for their program have offered similar testimonials.