Pre-Professional Health

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If your goal is admittance into a professional school, the comprehensive training provided at Dordt University can pave the way to medicaldentistryoptometry, graduate, or veterinary school, as well as pharmaceutical or physical therapy programs.

Professional schools want to train leaders. Students accepted into professional programs must demonstrate not only excellent technical skills, but also sensitivity to social issues, relationships, and community involvement, characteristics best developed at a comprehensive institution where a core curriculum is an integral part of the program.

Dordt's Core Program and reformational perspective will give you a framework and knowledge base for pre-professional study. Taking rigorous, hands-on science courses along with courses in historyEnglishcommunicationphilosophypsychology, and the arts, all taught in the light of God's Word will open your eyes and heart to the needs and concerns of others and the many ways you can honor God in a profession in the health sciences.


Dordt's science programs offer hands-on learning in the classroom and in the lab. You'll work closely with professors who are engaged in teaching and research. They'll expect you to work hard, but our smaller institutional size means that you'll get regular personal attention and develop close mentoring relationships with faculty, allowing you to develop greater expertise in your field. They are readily available to help you examine study habits and identify problem areas so that you can successfully fulfill your calling.

The Christian foundation offered at Dordt University helps students establish a foundation for their thinking and work. You'll come to better understand the complexity and interrelatedness of health issues, learning to treat the whole person, not just injuries or disabilities.

You'll need good grades to get into a professional program, but it will take more than grades to get accepted into a program. You'll need to demonstrate personal involvement and commitment. Dordt is large enough to offer a wide variety of opportunities--journalism, theatre, athletics, music, volunteering, student government--and small enough to make it easy to get involved.