Pre-Physician Assistant

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The physician assistant (PA) profession is one of the fastest growing fields of all professions in the country, according to Money Magazine.

The steadily growing enrollment in Dordt's pre-physician assistant track backs up that claim. PAs are licensed medical professionals who work with and under the supervision of physicians. They can diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions, write prescriptions, order and interpret tests, and more. Because PAs are educated in general medicine, most practice in primary care settings, although some work in specialty fields.

Dordt University students interested in careers as PAs take a program very similar to that for the pre-medical track, but the graduate-level education required takes less time than earning an M.D. It takes only two years of study to obtain a master's degree that leads to licensure and the ability to practice.

Chemistry professor Dr. Carl Fictorie will work closely with you to plan your program. You can also email him at for more information.