Pre-Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy continues to be a thriving profession for students to pursue beyond college. Practitioners as well as their patients experience the rewards that come with helping a body heal. 

"Having worked full time in a physical therapy clinic for three years, I gained an incredible appreciation for the healing process that God built into our bodies, the impact that caring physical therapists can have in that healing process, and the depth of knowledge that physical therapists have about anatomical structures and their orientation to each other," says Dordt Pre-Physical Therapy Adviser Craig Stiemsma.  

At Dordt, we've set up our program after carefully researching the requirements of 20 schools of physical therapy. We continue to revise it as we see their requirements change. We'll prepare you well for the challenges of the profession. We'll also help you see the satisfaction that comes with serving people in a way that helps them live their lives in a more enjoyable way.

The Program

Our pre-physical therapy program is grounded in a comprehensive Christian education that prepares you for your profession while preparing you for living as a Christian in God's world. You'll find:

  • A specialized and carefully researched pre-physical therapy curriculum. 
  • Strong biology, chemistry, psychology, and exercise science classes.
  • A mentorship program pairing beginning students with advanced students and students with alumni.
  • Hands-on learning through labs with licensed physical therapists.
  • Clear guidance from advisors set in the context of a comprehensive core education.

Our pre-physical therapy program can be taken as an emphasis in biology, exercise science, and psychology