A career in dentistry involves more than filling cavities and pulling teeth. Dentists detect diseases, diagnose problems affecting teeth and mouth tissue, improve a patient's appearance, surgically restore tooth and gum health, and help prevent future problems. They also educate patients on ways to maintain a healthy mouth.

Most dentistry schools:

  • Require four years of college before they admit you to their program.
  • Require you to take the Dental Admission Test.

Chemistry professor Dr. Darren Stoub will work closely with you to plan your program. His email address is and campus visits are welcomed.

Typical pre-dentistry prerequisites

  • General chemistry (two semesters)
  • Organic chemistry (two semesters)
  • Biochemistry (one semester)
  • Physics (two semesters)
  • English (two semesters)
  • Biology (two to three semesters in zoology, embryology, or comparative anatomy)
  • Psychology (one semester)