Program Options

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You may choose any major. Although many pre-med students major in biology or chemistry, fields such as psychology, English, or history are also appropriate. Regardless of your major, you will take introductory biology and chemistry courses in your first year. Your GPA should be 3.65 or higher, particularly in science courses.

An active pre-medical advisory committee will help you meet application deadlines, choose your courses, select the appropriate medical school, and write recommendations for you. Members of this committee stay up-to-date on new developments in admission procedures to professional schools.

The Pre-Health Professions Club (PHPC) will help you get to know other pre-med students. Members help each other with course planning, MCAT preparation, and medical school applications. The club brings in practicing doctors, current medical school students, and medical school recruiters to learn more about the profession and give helpful advice. It also organizes field trips to pre-med conferences and regional medical facilities.

For an extensive summary of information you will want to know to prepare for a medical career, check out these advising tips.

Make plans to visit campus and speak to our pre-medical adviser, Dr. Joseph Keryakos, about your professional interests. He will work closely with you to plan your program. You can also call or email for more information at (712) 722-6509 or