Hands-on Experience

Many of Dordt's academic offerings give students the opportunity to take classroom knowledge and try it out in a hands-on situation.

Some Dordt College pre-law students have even had the opportunity to intern with local law firms or at the district attorney's office. These internships allow students to work beside professionals in the workplace, learn what it is like to have a job in that field, and test out classroom principles in real-life situations. They may also receive academic credit for their experience.

Lessons for a Lifetime

Jay Kroese graduated from Dordt in 1991 with a degree in accounting and business administration. The Hull, Iowa, native was accepted at several good law schools, and opted to attend the University of Iowa Law School, where he graduated with highest distinction, number three in his class.

Kroese was hired by Cargill, Inc., after graduating and is now a senior attorney with this international marketer, processor, and distributor of agricultural, financial, and industrial products. He provides legal council to the company with 97,000 employees.

"I was well prepared for law school and the challenges I've encountered in the workplace," says Kroese. "You will receive an education at Dordt College that will prepare you well for law school. More importantly, you will receive instruction from a Reformed, biblical worldview."

Dordt graduate Gail Jansen ('74) agrees. "Dordt College will give you tools with which to craft a life of service to Christ," says Jansen, a private practice attorney in Arizona. "It will enable you to engage our culture as a Christian instead of encouraging you to flee our culture or assimilate into our culture. You can build life-long friendships with other students who will help you to grow in your faith walk with Jesus. Dordt is committed to educating 'the entire you' from a biblical viewpoint."

Speaking from her own experience and that of her children, Jansen encourages young adults from urban areas to consider a rural, small-town college experience on a young, dynamic campus to provide a strong base for future growth.