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If you're drawn to the design of buildings and landscapes, architecture may be a career path you should consider. Today's architecture programs are less purely technical than in the past.

During a guest lecture at Dordt, Professor Tom Leslie, who teaches architecture and serves as the director of graduate education at Iowa State University, said. "We still spend a great deal of time on structure, environment, materials, code compliance, etc. We do this more from a designer's perspective, with less math than in previous generations and with more emphasis on basic concepts and integration."

Architecture students still need basic trigonometry and plenty of algebra and graphing but not at the advanced levels expected in the past.

A key emphasis of the pre-architecture program at Dordt University is to encourage students to consider how their work may serve both God and his creation by designing buildings and landscapes that reflect responsible use of spatial, material, environmental, and economic resources.

Dordt's innovative "four plus three" pre-architecture program can be the first step to a master of architecture degree and a career as a licensed architect. Our pre-architecture program can help you get your graduate degree in an additional three years, though some programs may require four.

For more information about pre-architecture at Dordt University, please contact the Dordt University admissions office at 1-800-343-6738 (option 1).