Dordt's worship arts major will help you: 

  • Develop a scriptural foundation for personal and communal worship.
  • Explore how worship has historically helped the community of faith grow in intimacy with God.
  • Learn the richness of both historical and contemporary worship forms.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching from experienced worship staff.
  • Become sensitive to cultural trends affecting worship.
  • Learn a broad range of worship songs and become discerning in choosing from among them.
  • Discern and develop your gifts for worship leadership.
  • Develop confidence through experience in worship leadership.
  • Communicate clearly to build community, lead effectively, and resolve conflicts within worship teams.
  • Learn new technology and skills.
  • Choose emphases within the major in areas such as: art, communication, digital media, English, music, theatre arts, or theology.

Hands-on experience

Audition for one of several campus worship teams. Gain required worship arts credits through approved internships in local churches. 

Employment Opportunities 

Churches worldwide are hiring professionals and using more lay members to lead and plan worship. They need people who have a biblical understanding of what worship is and who can execute those plans with musical excellence. Our worship arts minor will help you develop the tools to serve and to lead.