Program Options


Our Perspective

Biblical, Historical, Theological, Creational, Cultural, Communal, Worshipful, Missional

Core theology major courses for all emphases

  • Biblical Foundations
  • Christian Confessions
  • Reformed Theology
  • Senior Seminar

Emphases and Courses

  • Biblical studies: Biblical Studies Methods, Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom Writings, Old Testament Histories, Gospels, Epistles, Acts-Revelation, Greek
  • Systematics: Calvin's Institutes, Modern Theology, Major World Religions, Heresies and Sects
  • Missions and evangelism: Foundations of Missions and Evangelism, History of Missions, Current Issues and Strategies, Practical Experience, Mission Conferences
  • Ag missions: A blend of agriculture and theology courses, enabling students called to mission work to minister in a biblical, holistic way by responding to both the spiritual and physical needs of people
  • Youth ministry (a professional program): Spiritual Formation, Foundations of Worship, Engaging Culture, Teaching Bible, Ecclesiology, Practical Issues, and Practical Experience. This emphasis also includes basic courses in theater arts, small group communication, psychology, and recreational leadership.
  • Theology minor: Bible education, biblical studies, historic/systematic theology, and mission and evangelism