Political Science

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Political Science At Dordt

Be challenged. Be changed.


Are you interested in how the world works and how it could be better? Do you wonder how and why people, advocacy groups, political parties, and nations interact as they do? If so, Dordt’s political science program is for you.

Politics, like every other part of this world, belongs to God. Its role is to promote justice for all people. Politics touches all areas of social activity, including families and churches, education and business, media and non-profit organizations, health and scientific research, government and the economy.

As you study politics and government at Dordt, you will be challenged to understand and develop your role as a Christian citizen. By studying governmental structures and public decisions all while being rooted in a Biblical perspective, you will learn to think critically in the world of politics.

Program Options

Political science is a natural fit for law school students. The major leaves room for a minor or complementary electives in other subjects such as history, business, criminal justice, sociology, journalism, digital media, or foreign languages.

There is a general minor in politics as well as specialized minors in international relations and public administration.

You can combine a political science major with majors in fields such as environmental studies, criminal justice, communication, Spanish, social work, or business to prepare for today’s changing job market.

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Dr. Jeff Taylor

Dr. Jeff Taylor
Professor of Political Science
Department Chair

CL 2217
(712) 722-6335