Political Science

Are you interested in how the world works and how it could be better? Do you wonder how and why people, advocacy groups, political parties, and nations interact as they do? Would you like to make a difference in the world? If so, political science is for you.

Politics, like every other part of this world, belongs to God. Its role is to promote justice for all people as they relate to one another in the public square. We teach and learn about a vision for politics that is centered in Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice represents God's love for us. As his image bearers we serve as agents of God in the political arena by loving our neighbors, helping them address their problems and needs as we seek to be living witnesses to the transforming character of God's justice.

As you study politics and government, from that of the smallest municipality to the global community, you will be challenged to understand and develop your role as a Christian citizen. Politics touches all areas of social activity, including families and churches, education and business, media and non-profit organizations, health and scientific research, government and the economy. Your study of the structures and institutions of government and the public decisions that are made will be rooted in a biblical perspective that will prepare you to think critically and act biblically in the world of politics.