A physics degree prepares you for a variety of career opportunities:

  • A physics background will prepare you for careers in industry and research laboratories.
  • Well-trained high school physics teachers are in short supply. If you have secondary education certification in physics, you won’t have a problem finding a job!
  • Many physics graduates continue their education in graduate programs in physics or in programs such as meteorology, law, or medicine.

Barry Viss ('05) uses his physics degree as a Traffic Light Technician in Kansas City, MO. Viss studies how to best time traffic lights to minimize gas usage and traffic congestion. He notes that "through my physics education at Dordt, I learned more than just the facts, figures, and formulas, as important as they are. I developed a deep appreciation for the beauty that underlies God's creation. The skills, and more importantly, the attitudes fostered by Dordt's natural science faculty have and will continue to guide me in my career and life."