Department Profile

The mission of the physics department is to prepare students to understand the physical aspect of creation in the context of acknowledging God as creator and sustainer of all, recognizing his self-revelation not only in scripture but also in his creation. We seek to prepare students to take up the task of unfolding the creation both in graduate study and in the workplace.

Program Strengths

  • Enthusiastic, well-prepared, successful graduates
  • Strong faculty commitment to high-quality teaching from a Reformed perspective

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Describe and apply the basic theories, language, problem-solving methods, and laboratory methods of the field of physics.
  2. Identify, select, and employ the appropriate tools and methods to perform calculations, measurements, and analyses.
  3. Effectively read and write professional-style papers and effectively deliver oral presentations for a variety of audiences.
  4. Articulate a Reformed, Christian understanding of the discipline of physics (including its historical development, approach to unfolding the creation, and its limitations) and compare this to other perspectives.
  5. Demonstrate a deep appreciation for the complexity of physical creation.