Program Options

A philosophy major consists of:

  • Core 200, in which you'll examine your basic assumptions, survey the history of philosophy, study a biblical basis for a reformational worldview, and discuss what it is to "know."
  • Eleven courses, two of which can be courses from the engineering, political science, or theology curriculum.
  • Advanced courses that focus on periods in the history of philosophy and the systematic study of topics such as anthropology, aesthetics, and logic.

You can personalize your study by taking an individual studies course. You and your advisor will select a subject you'd like to learn more about; you'll then spend a semester researching and studying the topic under the supervision of a professor.

Co-curricular activities, such as Philosophy Club, lectures, films, and discussions, give an opportunity to talk about current issues and ideas. Some of the most thoughtful and provocative contributions to the student newspaper have come from philosophy students.