Program Options

At Dordt College, you receive an education that prepares you for lifelong service. Graduates with bachelor's degrees in nursing have a broad base of education in areas such as sociology, psychology, natural science, and social science. The curriculum is comprised of

  • Nursing courses
  • Vlinical experience
  • A foundation of liberal arts and sciences.

A low instructor-to-student ratio gives a high-quality learning environment with opportunities for one-on-one instruction.

You will spend your first year taking Core Program courses on Dordt's campus. In years two and three, you will spend four semesters doing course work and getting clinical experiences via St. Luke's College. Most nursing courses are offered on Dordt's campus; clinicals are done in Sioux City. Upon successful completion of the four St. Luke's semesters, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN state board licensure examination to become a R.N.

During your fourth year, your nursing courses are all on Dordt's campus and focus on community health and family nursing, cross-cultural care, and using nursing research. Upon completion you will earn the B.S.N. degree.