Plan of Study

At Dordt College, you receive an education that prepares you for lifelong service. Graduates with bachelor's degrees in nursing have a broad base of education in areas such as sociology, psychology, natural science, and social science. The curriculum is comprised of

  • 48 credits of nursing courses
  • Over 700 hours of clinical experience, with additional time in lab and simulation
  • A foundation of liberal arts and sciences

A low instructor-to-student ratio gives a high-quality learning environment with opportunities for one-on-one instruction.

You will follow a curricular plan that will introduce you to nursing practice in the first year. In the second year, you will learn health and wellness concepts that may be applied to all patients and clients across the life span. In year three, you will learn about chronic diseases and disorders, as well as predictable health experiences such as pregnancy, labor, and delivery. In your fourth year, you will engage with patients who are experiencing acute, intensive illness and complex health situations. You will also work closely with the nursing faculty to prepare for your licensing exam.