Our Perspective

What is mathematics?

Mathematics is the study of the spatial, numerical, and logical aspects of creation. Mathematicians explore the creation by uncovering patterns and structures and capturing them through both concrete and abstract reasoning. This includes problem solving, simulation, modeling, abstraction, patterning, critical thinking, and other forms of exploration which in concert form the core of doing mathematics.

Why study math?

Studying mathematics enables us to cultivate a sense of awe at the beauty and depth interwoven into the created world as well as to help solve real world problems. Skills developed through the study of mathematics are valued in many fields and prepare students for diverse vocations including being a teacher, data scientist, businessperson, financial analyst, national security specialist, operations research analyst, modeler, and computer scientist. Throughout their studies, Dordt students will also develop an understanding of both the power, but also the limitations, of mathematics including the potential of using mathematical skill to manipulate information.

How can you grow?

Our professors create a friendly, learning environment and view your development as their primary goal. Students learn best by doing mathematics; therefore, classroom activities engage the students through problem-solving, interaction and discovery. Our students collaborate directly with professors on interesting projects through undergraduate research. Our professors continue to learn about mathematics as we explore alongside students.

If you are excited about solving puzzles and want to learn more, perhaps God is calling you to engage his world through the study of mathematics. There are multiple programs of study tuned to your interests including general mathematics, mathematics education, and applied mathematics.

Our graduates have pursued meaningful vocation in many areas including as professors, analysts, teachers, government servants, and actuaries.

A degree in mathematics education from Dordt College prepares you to step into the 5th-12th grade classroom with the mathematical content knowledge to teach students, but also the pedagogy and Christian perspective to educate students faithfully in both the public and Christian school setting.

A degree in mathematics from Dordt College trains you to solve problems, model reality using mathematics, and deal with abstraction. These skills are valuable in settings from research to engineering and science to business.