Join Our Community

Our department has a vibrant community of students interested in math, math education, statistics, and actuarial science. Students often choose to work on homework together. This community is nurtured through numerous opportunities:

Ladies Lunch: Female faculty and students from the department join women from computer science monthly for a Ladies Lunch. The cost of the lunch is funded through grants and the department in an effort to promote women in our STEM fields. The goal of the lunches is to connect female majors and minors to other women in the area for the purpose of supporting, encouraging, and networking.

Social events: We enjoy spending time together. Sometimes this occurs by major, such as the Actuarial Science Club, Math Club, or math gatherings. Other times we have events for math, statistics, and actuarial science together. Activities have included movies, nacho night, pizza parties, and Christmas gatherings.

Math Teachers Circle: Students interested in math education can join other practicing educators from the area once a month for dinner and math. These evenings are a time to collaborate with others on interesting topics in mathematics.

Conference attendance: Students have opportunities to attend conferences with professors with some assisting in joint presentations. Conferences are encouraged and even required for students in math education courses to provide students experience with professional development opportunities similar to what they will have as practicing teachers.

Middle school and high school students can participate in sessions coordinated by our faculty for Dordt Discovery Days. Previous sessions have included board games, cryptography, card tricks, Fermi problems, and an Amazing Math Race.

Math competitions: Each fall, Dordt students participate in the Putnam Exam. The Dordt College Math Challenge is a great opportunity for high school students to learn more about our programs while also participating in a mathematics competition with great prizes. For middle school students, Dordt hosts Math Bees for 7th and 8th grade students each spring.