Foreign Language

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Foreign Language at dordt

Be challenged. Be changed.


Do you enjoy learning about other languages and cultures? Being bilingual can not only lead to jobs as a translator, but can be beneficial in industries such as healthcare, education, and human resources.

Major in Spanish or Dutch, or you can minor in French and take Latin classes. You can also consider doing a linguistics minor which incorporates a variety of languages and classes. Learn about other cultures and people from different backgrounds.

Language studies helps you to learn how to love your neighbor as yourself. Classes incorporate an appreciation for the diversity of people as God’s creation.

Program Options


Dutch: In this major, you will develop the oral and written skills needed to communicate in Dutch. You will also be introduced to Dutch culture, literature, and history.

You will also be required to study abroad in the SPICE program (Studies Program in Contemporary Europe) where you will have the opportunity to spend a semester in the Netherlands.

Spanish: As a Spanish major, you will develop and hone your Spanish communication skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You will also have the opportunity to study Hispanic literature.

This program will offer you opportunities to practice your conversational skills both on campus and abroad. As a Spanish major, you will be required to spend time in a study abroad program such as Spain or Costa Rica.


Dutch: With a minor in Dutch, you will learn about both the language and culture. Develop your communication skills and increase your knowledge of the Dutch economic, political, and religious systems.

French: As a French minor, you will study the language, literature, and culture. You will hone your conversational skills through courses designed to give you practice in listening and speaking. You will also be required to complete some study abroad courses.

Linguistics-Interdisciplinary: In this program you will study basic linguistics, such as phonetics (sounds of language), morphology (the words of language), syntax (sentence patterns of language), and sociolinguistics (how language functions in society). You will also combine language classes with classes in communication, psychology, and philosophy.

Spanish: You will cultivate your Spanish communication skills as you study grammar and composition, expanding your linguistic skills. You will also need to complete three credits in a study abroad program such as Spain or Costa Rica.

Additional Language Courses

Latin: Our elementary and intermediate Latin courses are recommended for students in pre-seminary, pre-medicine, or pre-law programs, as well as for language and music majors.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP): These courses are geared to improve the academic language skills of non-native speakers of English. Hone your writing, pronunciation, and public speaking skills.

Study abroad
  • The Latin American Studies Program is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Students will have the opportunity to experience the language, literature, and culture of the region. Through service learning and living with local families, students become part of the day-to-day lives of typical Latin Americans.
  • On SPICE (Study Program in Contemporary Europe), you will spend a semester in the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands. This 15-week program offers courses in the areas of Dutch language, art and architecture, history, philosophy, and psychology. Also internships for international business and Teaching English as a Second Language are possible. Most students travel throughout Europe during their breaks and free weekends.
  • Spanish majors or minors can spend a semester or a summer in Spain through a cooperative arrangement with Trinity Christian College.



  • Several opportunities for Spanish-English interpretation are available in the community.
  • Students Without Borders club provides opportunities for students to interact with their peers from other cultures.
  • On Sundays, some students visit and participate in Amistad Cristiana, a Spanish-speaking church in Sioux Center, where their skills grow as they speak with congregation members.

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Dr. Leendert van Beek

Dr. Leendert van Beek
Professor of Language Studies
Department Chair

CL 2240
(712) 722-6261

Rikki Brons

Rikki Brons
Associate Professor of Language Studies

CL 2216
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