Goals and Objectives

Goal: To develop in students a facility and proficiency in a foreign language.
Objectives: Students will develop proficiency in listening and reading comprehension and in oral and written expression at a level established by national norms.

Goal: To develop in students an awareness and obedient response to the target culture.
Objectives: Students will (a) have a broad knowledge and appreciation of the target culture, (b) be able to discern and evaluate the values of another culture, and (c) demonstrate a cross-cultural sensitivity for people of different cultures.

Goal: To articulate and illustrate what makes up the creational structure and developmental dynamics of language.
Objectives: Students will be able to explain and illustrate in the target language (a) the systemic meanings of semantics, syntax, morphology, and phonology, (b) how meaning is created by the interplay of these systems, and (c) how these systems change.

Goal: To integrate into the study of language and culture a religious orientation.
Objectives: Students will be expected to (a) explain how the cultural mandate defines their responsibility to other cultures, (b) articulate how God's covenant with his creation and his creatures provides confidence in meeting cultural responsibilities, (c) demonstrate a commitment to using their language skills and cross-cultural knowledge in service to the kingdom of Jesus Christ.