Mission Statement

  1. To confess that Jesus Christ is the King of all creation, including all human cultural activity, and to declare that, notwithstanding sin and its consequences, God continues to call humans to obedient cultural formative activity and redeems that activity in Christ.
  2. To develop and communicate biblically directed learning, insight, and research into humankind's generation by generation and worldwide use of its God-given cultural formative power.
  3. To promote and facilitate students' development of biblically directed historical insight, thinking, research, and writing on topics in all branches of human cultural formative endeavor.
  4. To encourage and help prepare students to develop and use biblically directed historical insight and thinking in every office to which they are called, to the honor and glory of God.

Learning about other people and other times fascinates many of us. We want to know what life was like in medieval Europe, how the nobility lived in 19th-century Russia, what changes resulted from the Vietnam War.

Dordt's history program offers an opportunity to learn about all of these things and more. When you study history, you study everything: important events, political movements, literature, art, philosophies of life, and attitudes toward God. History also helps address questions like these:

  • Who are we?
  • Where are we going?
  • What are we called to do?

Answering these questions demands knowing where we have come from and how the world we live in has been shaped. Dordt's history professors will guide you in exploring those issues from the perspective of a biblical worldview.