Facilities and Field Trips


  • One lab in the Science and Technology Center is dedicated to environmental studies.
  • Students also use a variety of biology, chemistry, and agriculture laboratories.
  • Students have access to a wide-array of apparatus and equipment for field and laboratory work.
  • Computers in the environmental studies laboratory give students access to specialized software, including a geographic information system.
  • The Agriculture Stewardship Center offers opportunities for class work and research.

Field Trips:

  • Local prairie preserves and riparian forests along the Big and Little Sioux rivers
  • De Soto and Union Slough National Wildlife refuges, Iowa
  • Niobrara Valley Preserve, Nebraska
  • Lakeside Laboratory at West Lake Okoboji, Iowa
  • Black Hills and Badlands National Park, South Dakota
  • Prairie Wetlands Learning Center, Minnesota
  • Backbone State Park, Iowa
  • Palisades State Park, South Dakota
  • Newton Hills State Park, South Dakota
  • Blue Mound State Park, Minnesota
  • "Rescue God's Creation" lobby training, Washington, D.C.