Environmental Studies

In Dordt's environmental studies program you'll be challenged to follow God's call to be stewards of his world in both your lifestyle and profession. The program is founded upon the truth that the earth is the Lord's (Ps. 24:1). He created it (Gen. 1:1), declares it good (Gen. 1:31), knows it intimately (Job 38-41), lovingly sustains it (Matt. 6:25-33), and takes delight in the praise that all of his creation offers (Ps. 148).

If you like hands-on learning, our environmental studies major is for you.

  • Classroom learning is supplemented by field trips, discussions, lectures, and conference attendance. You will visit national wildlife refuges, windfarms, fossil beds, and more.
  • Past students designed a restoration plan for a tall grass prairie on campus, and current students learn from and help manage this 20-acre prairie.
  • The Wilderness Club, a student-led organization, provides opportunities to enjoy the creation and live as Christian environmental stewards.
  • You will do directed research to apply your knowledge and skills in a concrete project, participate in an internship, or enroll in an off-campus class.
  • In the capstone Restoration Ecology and Applied Stewardship course, you'll put what you've learned into practice in a project that addresses an environmental challenge or opportunity.