Program Options

Reviewing PapersAt Dordt College, you’ll study under professors who feel the excitement and value of literature. They’ll help you analyze and evaluate literary works from a Christian perspective, considering the moral vision and worldview of an author, along with the literary elements of his or her work.

They’ll help you become both critical and charitable in the way you approach words and the world. You’ll examine how authors use language to create imagined worlds and communicate meaning. You will see how literature from a variety of time periods and cultures challenges or affirms our values and enriches our lives.

Students in our program and in core classes, will be taught to:

  • Write with clarity, precision, and grace in a variety of forms and for a variety of audiences.
  • Be independent learners, able to search for, assess, and integrate into their writing and thinking ideas on literature as well as other subjects.
  • Perceive literature as a way of knowing truth.
  • Read critically and charitably: we engage literature from a variety of time periods and cultures, discerning its truths, lies, and assumptions, and responding to its challenges and truths.
  • Apply the lifelong skills of interpretation not only to literature but also to biblical studies, art, music, and film.
  • Develop a Reformed place to stand on language and literature.