Individual Studies

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Are you interested in a major that combines different interests and academic disciplines? At Dordt, you don't have to commit to a straight out-of-the-box kind of major. We will work with you to design the major that's right for you.

Program Options

Every individual studies major will look a little different, but each will involve our Core program and reformed, Christian teaching.

Together, you and your adviser will devise a 124-credit sequence that creates a unified program to fit your interests and your career goals. This will include the courses that make up Dordt's Core Program, a major consisting of at least 45 credits, and electives-all carefully selected to fit with your desired area of study.

Your proposal must be approved by the registrar, who will also periodically review your progress toward your goal.

Dordt also offers a two-year associate of arts degree with a concentration in general studies. In addition to taking core requirements and electives, you will take seven courses that have been designed in consultation with and approved by the registrar to meet your specific educational goals.

The two-year general studies degree allows students to tailor their education to meet their personal needs and interests. This type of degree is a great option for students who want a well-rounded Christian college education, but aren't interested in a four-year degree. Students take the core courses and choose from electives that will allow them to pursue their individual career goals.

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