Construction Management

Construction managers operate at the intersection of construction, engineering, business, and architecture. In a construction project, these managers serve as the communications conduit linking the owner, architect, contractors, and engineers.

As trusted advisors, construction managers convey the owner's needs, the contractor's means and methods, and the architect's and engineer's design intent in a manner that breaks down walls to communication and brings each party together. As a direct result of their influence, projects are not only completed on time and on budget, but also in a manner that demonstrates the value of teamwork, service to one another, and service to the Lord.

Construction managers require a unique skill-set that connects the various parts of a project. These skills are of critical importance as the manager works with the project's owner to navigate complex decisions that must be made during the design, bidding, and construction process.

In recognition of this field's complexity and interdisciplinary nature, our program brings together the expertise from our engineering and business programs to create a unique set of courses that develop the core competencies needed by construction managers.

While working with project stakeholders, a construction manager must demonstrate a commitment to personal integrity. At Dordt College, one of the few Christian colleges to offer construction management courses, students are challenged to develop this commitment and to make service to the Lord the reason for their work.

Furthermore, our courses challenge students to apply discernment as they consider how to facilitate open and honest relationships between stakeholders, efficiently use time and finances, and responsibly develop the natural resources used to construct structures.