Computer technology professionals are in demand and included in many lists of top jobs. Projections show that need growing even more as baby boomer retirements create new opportunities.

Dordt College computer science graduates excel in their fields. Our comprehensive Christian education helps graduates develop skills and understanding that allow them to be responsible, well-trained professionals who can learn new skills, work well with others, and understand the broader context of technological processes.

In the past several years, all of our graduates found positions before or shortly after graduation in positions such as:

  • Programmer
  • Network technician
  • Systems administrator
  • Consultant
  • Systems analyst

Here is a sampling of what some of our graduates are doing:

  • Kelly De Jong ('92): Director of Manufacturing Intelligence, Interstates Engineering, Sioux Center, Iowa
  • Nick Breems ('96): Computer Science Professor, Dordt College
  • Tanya Baccam ('97): Computer Security Consultant, Dallas, Texas
  • Bonnie Jonkman ('98): Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado
  • Brady Fopma ('00): Web Developer, Click Rain, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Gabriel Florit ('05): Developer, Velir Studios, Cambridge, Massachusetts.