Program Options

You’ll take core courses in theology, philosophy, English, history, art, communication, linguistics, social work, and engineering (Technology and Society). You’ll choose additional elective courses from a variety of majors.

You’ll have three ways to complete this major:

  • A 12–15 credit, semester-long internship in a student’s area of interest in consultation with faculty.  
  • A second major or a minor from one of the following areas: philosophy, English, theology, history, art, digital media production, environmental studies, theatre arts, language studies, psychology, political science, music, or business.  
  • Choosing from a list of elective courses.

You can also choose to do the seven-course minor in Christianity and popular culture.

The television, film, or music industries are only the most obvious examples of career opportunities that demand an understanding of popular culture. Being able to make sense of and perhaps even predict cultural trends and how those trends influence people would be an immense asset to employers in the fields of business, digital media production, organizational psychology, and youth ministry, to name a few. 

Looking at specific career options related to a major is not always the best or even the most practical way to pick a college major. The Association of American Colleges and Universities website notes that employers look for more than a specific major in a college graduate; they want employees with skills that can be adapted for our rapidly changing workplaces.