The television, film, or music industries are only the most obvious examples of career opportunities that demand an understanding of popular culture. And, if you are interested in one of these options, you'll be strongly encouraged to do the semester-long internship option for completing the major. But, being able to make sense of and perhaps even predict cultural trends and how those trends influence people would be an immense asset to employers in the fields of business, digital media, organizational psychology, and youth ministry, to name a few.

Looking at specific career options related to a major is not always the best or even the most practical way to pick a college major. The Association of American Colleges and Universities website says that employers are looking for more than a specific major in a college graduate; they want employees with skills that can be adapted for our rapidly changing workplace, such as

  • The ability to work well in teams-especially with people different from yourself.
  • The ability to write and speak well.
  • The ability to think clearly about complex problems.
  • The ability to analyze a problem to develop workable solutions.
  • An understanding of the global context of work .
  • The ability to be creative and innovative in solving problems.
  • The ability to apply knowledge and skills in new settings.
  • A strong sense of ethics and integrity.

A semester-long internship option is available for the major.

Dordt's Christianity and popular culture major will help you:

  • Think critically.
  • Find creative and constructive solutions to problems.
  • Work in groups with people who have different expertise than your own.
  • Engage issues related to cultural diversity and globalization.
  • Express ideas creatively and clearly in both speech and writing.
  • Develop ethical thinking.