Program Options

The chemistry major includes courses in biochemistry, organic, analytic, inorganic, environmental, and physical chemistry; courses in mathematics and physics; and courses that look at philosophical and historical perspectives on the physical sciences. Some students combine a chemistry major with a major in physics, math, biology, philosophy, or engineering. During the summer, you can earn credit toward the major by taking summer courses at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies. Students can earn a B.A. or B.S. degree in chemistry.

Chemistry major: A great option for those interested in a career in research or chemical analysis or in doing graduate work or entering pre-professional health programs.

Chemistry secondary education: An option that combines the chemistry program with education courses to prepare you for a career in teaching. The program offers a teaching endorsement in chemistry only or in combination with biology, physics, or earth science.

Chemistry minor: An option that combines an interest in chemistry with another major-for example, biology, business, or criminal justice.