Business Administration & Accounting

In today’s business world, managers are looking for employees trained to think creatively when they make decisions and solve problems.

A Dordt education will help you become a creative problem solver and a responsible and capable leader. Our comprehensive Christian Core Program provides a good context for learning foundational business principles and prepares you to find a job and have a positive influence in society.

Faculty members in Dordt’s business program have many years of experience working in large and small companies. They’ll share what they’ve learned and take a personal interest in you and your studies. 

This is an article written by a faculty member you might find interesting and will help you to better understand the business world we are now a part of: "What You Need to Think About Before Investing in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies".

The Dordt College business and education departments have teamed up to become a fully certified Center for Economic Education (CEE) in Iowa. Dordt College hopes to increase economic and financial literacy for students in the area. 

This is an opportunity for Dordt College to be the leading economic education and financial literacy resource while helping students develop ways of thinking and problem solving that they can use in their lives as consumers, savers, and investors, members of the workforce, responsible citizens, and effective participants in a global economy. For more information, visit the Center for Economic Education page.