Business Administration & Accounting

Do you want a well-rounded, Christ-centered business program? Dordt’s business administration degree will prepare you to excel in marketing, develop the skills you need for management, or complete a C.P.A. in accounting.

With opportunities to intern at nationally-known companies, to participate in the Future Leaders and Missional Entrepreneurs club, and to invest real money with Defender Capital Management, you’re sure to find something that will pique your interest.

If you're interested in a Christian business degree, Dordt is a great fit. Dordt will teach you how to work in the business field from a Christian perspective. Dordt business graduates have gone on to become entrepreneurs, digital marketing strategists, financial planners, and bankers.


Business Administration & Accounting at Dordt

Be challenged. Be changed.


Program Options

You can major in Business Administration or in Accounting. Some students double major in business and accounting, some choose an economics minor. Others combine a business or accounting major with a major in an area such as computer science or agribusiness. These combinations increase career opportunities and can be completed in four years.

The business administration major offers emphases in:

  • Construction management
  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • Information systems
  • International business
  • Management
  • Marketing (with a digital track and/or personal selling track)
  • Office management
  • Public administration

The accounting major courses include:

Our two-year administrative assistant degree prepares students for administrative support positions in any business.

Our business education major combines education and business courses to prepare education majors who will teach high school accounting, business, economics, office procedures, and marketing courses.


The Dordt business and education departments have teamed up to become a fully certified Center for Economic Education (CEE) in Iowa. Dordt hopes to increase economic and financial literacy for students in the area.

Get involved through an internship with a business locally or elsewhere—taking learning outside the classroom is a unique way for you to explore your career options, see corporate culture in real-time environment, and gain necessary practical experience to amplify classroom learning.

  • Roughly 90 percent of our students participate in an internship. The business department averages more than 65 internships per year. Students may participate in a variety of local internships, in internships throughout the U.S., or in international internships. The Chicago Semester Program, the European Studies Program (SPICE), and our spring internship in Nicaragua are just some options.
  • Our interns have handled an enormous variety of tasks and projects, including preparing income tax returns, arranging press releases, conducting employee surveys, working with payroll, developing marketing questionnaires, managing small work crews, and cataloging museum items, to name a very small sample.
  • Dordt believes so strongly in the value of internships that we dedicate a large portion of one faculty member's time to internship placement and supervision. This, along with good students and helpful assistance from Dordt's Career Development Center, has led to a long-term business and accounting job placement rate above 95 percent for Dordt graduates with degrees in these fields.


Our department is located in the Vermeer Business Center, which is within the Campus Center.

  • Rooms are equipped with technology found in modern business conference centers.
  • The student/computer ratio is eight-to-one.
  • Computers are loaded with state-of-the-art business software.
  • Students can link their own laptops into our wireless network.

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Shirley Folkerts

Shirley Folkerts
Associate Adjunct - Business Administration

CA 308
(712) 722-6292

Randy Feenstra

Randy Feenstra
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

CA 306
(712) 722-6353

Dr. Brian Hoekstra

Dr. Brian Hoekstra
Professor of Business Administration
Department Chair

CA 311
(712) 722-6348

Tim Klein

Tim Klein
Associate Professor of Business Administration

CA 305
(712) 722-6304

Donald Roth

Donald Roth
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Business Admin

CL 2211
(712) 722-6255

Dr. Randy Smit

Dr. Randy Smit
Professor of Business Administration

CA 310
(712) 722-6347

Dr. Jan van Vliet

Dr. Jan van Vliet
Professor of Economics

CA 307
(712) 722-6267

Sandy Vanden Bosch

Sandy Vanden Bosch
Instructor of Business Administration

CA 312
(712) 722-6351

Shane Vander Kooi

Shane Vander Kooi
Assistant Adjunct - Construction Management

SB 2806
(712) 722-6294

Dr. Sacha Walicord

Dr. Sacha Walicord
Professor of Business Administration & Economics

CA CA313
(712) 722-6350

Dale Zevenbergen

Dale Zevenbergen
Instructor of Business Administration

CA 309
(712) 722-6349