Program Options

As an agriculture major you’ll take Core Program courses that lay a foundation upon which to build your career. Courses in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences will help you develop a comprehensive view of agriculture, regardless of your program emphasis. 

We offer B.S. degrees and a B.A. degree in agriculture, with seven emphases. We also offer a two-year associate degree and support a pre-veterinary program. 

  • Agriculture: for any of variety of agricultural careers.
  • Agribusiness: for a business career in the agriculture industry, farm management, or related business fields.
  • Agriculture education: for teaching agriculture at the high school level.
  • Animal science: for pre-veterinary programs, graduate school, and careers in livestock production or related services.
  • Ag missions: for working in agriculture on the mission field.
  • Biotechnology: for biotechnology-related areas, including research.
  • Plant science: for graduate study or a career in agronomy, pest management, or horticulture.   
  • Pre-veterinary program: for meeting the requirements of the school you’ll attend.
  • Associate of agriculture: a two-year associate degree that will move directly into a job after graduation.

You can also combine interests in agriculture and engineering.