Educational Ag Tours

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March 19, 2018

Goal: To provide high school students with the opportunity to see and learn about multi-faceted careers that exist in agriculture by choosing a tour of businesses involved in agriculture and biotechnology.

Tour Coordinator:
Dr. Duane Bajema
Fax: 712-722-6035

Registration Secretary:
Helen Zeutenhorst
Fax: 712-722-6035

Two tour packages have been planned for Monday, March 19, 2018. Each tour package is intended to be educational, informative, and helpful to people who want to see what developments are occurring in the area of biotechnology and related agricultural industries. The tours, sponsored by Dordt University, have been developed in cooperation with local businesses.

The tours are scheduled to be approximately 30 minutes in length followed by a time for questions and discussion of approximately 15 minutes. Visits to two facilities are scheduled for the morning, and visits to two other facilities are scheduled for the afternoon. An extended noon hour is planned, with lunch provided by Dordt University.