The keys to a successful transition from college to workplace in actuarial science are (1) passing certification exams and (2) obtaining summer internships. Dordt's program is excellent at preparing students for both.

Dordt students have performed extremely well on actuarial certification exams. Passing at least one (and preferably two) exam before graduating is the most important thing to take place before graduating, and preferably sooner. Dordt's program emphasizes exam preparation starting fall semester of your first year to ensure students are well prepared as soon as possible.

This early focus on exam preparation means that Dordt students are highly competitive for summer internships. Dordt professors work with actuarial science students to connect students with a nationwide network of alumni and friends to give our students a leg-up on the competition with regards to obtaining summer internships. These well-paid internships often turn into job offers for our students before they graduate.

Traditionally, actuaries have worked in the insurance and pension management fields. Today they also are working as employees or consultants in other financial risk management areas such as:

  • Private corporations
  • Government
  • Colleges and universities
  • Banks and investment firms
  • Public accounting firms
  • Labor unions
  • Rating bureaus
  • Fraternal organizations

Actuarial jobs consistently rank high on lists of top professions because of the positive hiring outlook, good pay, job security, and relatively low workplace stress. Many students find that one of the most appealing things about a career as an actuary is that upon completion of an undergraduate program in actuarial science they can immediately enter the workforce. Training continues, but no graduate school is required.

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