Computer Networking

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Interested in the ever-changing world of technology? Dordt will teach you the skills you'll need to meet new demands in computer technology. Businesses and organizations all rely on computer networks, so computer networking skills are in high demand. In our two-year associate of arts program in computer networking, you'll learn how to set up and maintain computer systems.

Dordt offers a unique program that combines hands-on technical training with a strong foundation in computer science and a broad core education, all taught from a Christian perspective. You will leave Dordt prepared to be a versatile employee, able not only to understand how to manage and maintain a network, but also to understand how it can best serve the company and its customers or clients.

As a computer networking major, you will learn current programming languages and helpful techniques for system administration. You will also find many opportunities for hands-on experience, both at Dordt and at businesses in the community.

Program Options

  • Dordt's computer networking program gives students an introduction to computer science with courses in networking and other areas of computer science application.
  • Students in the associate of arts computer networking program who wish to continue their studies can opt for an additional two years of coursework in the computer science program, earning a bachelor's degree in computer science. Emphases within the computer science major include hardware, systems administration, and information systems.

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Dr. Nick Breems

Dr. Nick Breems
Professor of Computer Science

SB 2612
(712) 722-6298

Dr. Kari Sandouka

Dr. Kari Sandouka
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Department Chair

SB 2611
(712) 722-6252